Bank of Georgia Group is a Georgia-focused banking business with an impressive track record of delivering superior returns and maximising shareholder value. Bank of Georgia Group is a financially robust, innovative, and truly public financial institution, with exemplary corporate governance and transparency standards as well as powerful competitive advantage in the local market in terms of attracting financial and human capital.

By harnessing strong customer relationships, continuous digital innovation, and cutting-edge banking solutions, the Group offers a full range of universal Retail Banking and Corporate and Investment Banking services in Georgia, and also offers banking operations in Belarus through BNB.

Bank of Georgia is a leader in payments business, financial mobile applications, and loyalty programmes in Georgia. By continuously focusing on digitalisation and expanding technological and data analytics capabilities, the Bank aims to anticipate customer needs and offer more personalised, seamless experiences. Employee empowerment, customer satisfaction, and data-driven decisions, coupled with the strong banking franchise, are key enablers in enhancing and developing our strategic objectives. With all these strategic building blocks we have laid the groundwork for the bank of the future, and we are committed to delivering strong profitability and maximising shareholder value.

By harnessing strong customer relationships, continuous digital innovation, and a solutions-based banking approach, the Group aims to deliver on its medium-term strategy, which is based on at least 20% ROAE and c.10% growth of the loan book.


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